Meet our GP Registrars

    (20 Jul 2020)

    40/42 Kingsway surgery embraces the mission of training future generations of clinicians. Meet our GP Registrars who are led by Dr Berni and are trained in every aspect of general practice. Our GP registrars stay with the practice for 4-18 months depending upon their training allocation. You may notice the names change frequently but this is part of their training schedule.

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    Meet the Practice Pups. 10 Health benefits of owning a Pet.

    (17 Jul 2020)

    Whether you're a dog owner or volunteer, hanging out with our four-legged friends can do wonders for your well being. We would like you to meet 42 Kingsway's furry family members and teach you the benefits of having a canine companion at home.

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    Rainbows over 40 - 42 Kingsway

    (22 May 2020)

    The pictures below have been presented to us by one of our little friends. We thought the best place for them would be pride of place on the surgery's front door.

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